How to Deal With the Aftershock of Traumatic Events in Our Lives

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Dr. Bobby Smith
Born: Dec 12th 1952
Died: Oct 2nd 2016

I would like to thank everyone for their support before, during, and after the passing of my husband. This mission was a labor of love for both Bobby and me. To carry on his mission, we have partnered with the organization, Hope For Heroes, to continue Bobby's important work and legacy.

Hope For Heroes works with colleagues and friends of Bobby, such as Dr. Kevin Gilmartin, author of "Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement," and Dr. Jack Enter, author of "Challenging the Law Enforcement Organization."

I am glad to have Bobby's works surrounded by those whom he worked with and respected. Hope For Heroes is collaborating closely with the Visions of Courage team during this transition. For all inquiries regarding Dr. Bobby Smith's works, please contact the President of Hope For Heroes directly at

The Will To Survive

A Mental and Emotional Guide for Law Enforcement Professionals and the People Who Love Them

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The Author

Bobby Smith

Author Bobby Smith

Bobby Smith had been a law enforcement officer in Louisiana for nine years, when on the night of March 14, 1986, at point blank range, he was shot in the face & blinded by an armed, violent drug offender. He recalls lying face down on the center lane of the highway, soaked in blood, and thinking, "Will this be the day that I die?" But Bobby chose to not give up; he chose not to die that day; he chose to live.

Kimberley Smith
Kimberley Smith

Life from that day on, however, would not be the same. The days, weeks, and even years following the trauma were filled with many fears about his future, daily struggles adjusting to blindness, and financial hardships. The losses were staggering: eyesight, career, self-confidence, independence, and marriage. Then tragically, in 1997, Bobby’s daughter, Kim, was killed at 22 years old in an automobile accident.

Kimberley Smith
Kimberley Smith
Author Bobby Smith
Smith Family
Bobby and Janie, with their son, Brad, in 2005.

The shooting, the blindness, the loss of his beloved daughter, all made Bobby realize that what he wanted to do was help others who were also going through traumatic times. He did not want them to suffer alone. He wanted to bring them hope.

Today, Bobby continues to do just that. He is the author of three books, Visions of Courage: The Bobby Smith Story, The Will to Survive, and his latest book, What’s In Your Heart Comes Out Your Mouth, published in April 2013. Each year he averages 120 speaking engagements, impacting audiences’ lives with his story. In fact, since 1995 it has been his privilege to speak to over a million people worldwide.

Bobby & Bush
Bobby shaking hands with President George W. Bush

Ironically, the losses in Bobby’s life have been his catalyst, driving him to discover the true vision for his life. But his life is not defined by the losses that he has endured and triumphed over. No, his defining moment, and ours too, comes every morning when we rise, face the challenges of the day, and decide that today we choose to live.

Boddy & Reagan
President Ronald Reagan, Janie and Bobby Smith

What's in Your Heart Comes Out Your Mounth

Are you seeking answers to some of life's really tough questions? Maybe circumstances have brought changes you never expected. Bobby, in his own unique way, brings us hope and guidance to cope with the challenges and problems of life.

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