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Visions of Courage: The Bobby Smith Story (PDF download)
Visions Of Courage: The Bobby Smith Story. "Bobby Smith is an authentic hero who has not only fallen but, through his personal determination and help from his family and friends, has successfully triumphed over his own adversities. After years of physical and intense mental recovery, Bobby is committed to giving international presentations to police officers with the unselfish hopes of preventing similar tragedies to others. He teaches us not only how to avoid falling victim to a similar situation, but how to deal with the aftershock of traumatic situations in our own lives. You are invited to avoid the inevitable blindness of our lives, by seeing through the eyes of Bobby Smith." First Sgt. Gary Aschenbach Maryland State Police. This item will be emailed to one email address (it must be provided when ordering). It can only be read on a device where one can open their personal email account and download items (for example: laptop, computer, cellphone). This downloadable item is emailed in PDF format and is 1,609 KB. You must have Adobe Reader to view it. Email downloads are sent Monday Friday, 8am 5pm CST. If you order your item after business hours or on the weekend, please send a text to (417) 887-1142 requesting an after-hours email of the item and we will try to email it to you at that time. However, this is not always possible. If you have additional questions about this downloadable item before purchasing, please call (417) 887-1142 or (318) 240-8209.
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